Front Cover of Keys Weekly | May 2018

Feature in the German Sunday newspaper,

Welt am Sonntag | November 2017

Excerpt from professional open water swimmer Andre Wiersig's book, Nachts Allein im Ozean


I already had four channels behind me on the Catalina Channel - and still I was looking for someone I could feel in the water, who could tell passionately about photographs.  So I needed the conversation with Steven Munatones in Huntington Beach and asked if he could help me.  He recommended the underwater photographer Paola Roldan;  she would be, Munatones said, still very young, but exceptionally talented.


Shortly thereafter my partner Zoggs contacted my initiative for the "Ecolast" project, whose idea is to recycle garbage and make bathing trunks and suits out of it, I contacted Roldan.  We agreed on a photo shoot on the beach in Miami in 2017 - and the collaboration with their war was simply sensational.  The waters of the Atlantic, after a hurricane had swept over Florida, were still very agitated and therefore sediment-rich and opaque (see photo on this page).  But her photographs found her great feeling for the water and what happened in it.


"No matter what language you speak, with a photo you can create a language that everyone in the world understands," says Roldan, and that there is nothing better than to keep a perfect memory of life.  I liked your work so much that we arranged a second shoot in 2018, this time with clearer water.  Once again, her work (see the photo on the left) was fantastic.  Thank you, Paola Roldan!