April 17th, 2017 - My family and I lived on our friend Henry's sailboat for a week in the Bahamas. with no set plans, we took off from Nassau and followed the wind and current through the Exumas. each morning we woke up to a different island where we swam and hiked all day.

Before we left Henry told us we would see colors we had never seen before. he was right, although it was too bad that I was seeing some of those colors while hunched over the side of the boat, puking from sea sickness.

when we weren't swimming we were reading or writing. even at night, under the stars - our books lit by solar powered lamps while we read in the boom of the sailboat about pirates, an olympic rowing team, the ego and consciousness, Einstein's fictional conceptions of time, and a murder mystery that somehow involves a monkey.

trips like this set my soul on fire